Shin Splints

What are they? How did I get them? How do I fix them?
Shin splints are a common injury experienced by many runners and sports people. They can be as frustrating as they are painful. At Wisdom Physiotherapy in Nedlands we are also able to offer Clinical Pilates rehab programs to address muscle imbalances with precise, effective exercises. Additionally, we can help design or modify your training program to firstly allow recovery and then progress your running.

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headache physio nedlands, clinical pilates perth

Headaches can literally be a pain in the neck! They are frequently caused by joint or muscular dysfunction in the neck, poor posture, emotional tension or a combination of these. Headaches originating from or relating to neck dysfunction can be very successfully treated & prevented by Physiotherapy. your physiotherapist can address the underlying causes of your headaches and […]

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HCF More for Muscles – Free Initial Consult!

HCF Insurance Physio Nedlands

We are now a HCF More for Muscles Program Provider. The HCF More for Muscles program means members with extras cover receive one FULLY COVERED initial consultation each year. Yes, this means no gap to pay! Research shows that early intervention by a physiotherapist can help reduce the pain of an injury, faster, so what […]

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Heat pack vs cold pack, which is better?

heat pack vs cold pack

20/10/15, by Sandrine Vatinelle, Physiotherapist Here at Wisdom Physiotherapy, we often get asked whether a heat pack or cold pack should be used on a particular injury. The first step prior to choosing between heat or cold is to reflect on the reason why you are using it and what kind of injuries/pain you have. Heat therapy Use […]

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The Hip Flexor Stretch – A ‘Must Do’ For Most!

Hip flexor stretch

Most people have tight hips, but just because they’re tight doesn’t mean they need to stay that way. Tightness in the front of your hip or hips often goes hand-in-hand with anterior pelvic tilt, (where your butt sticks out more than it should) and, if there’s too much tilt, it may not be great for […]

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Why use a Foam Roller?

Physio nedlands

Using a foam roller in the correct way can be a really useful tool as a self-myofascial release (self-massage). It can assist with loosening tight muscles and with regular use, it can help increase your flexibility. Other benefits include: When using a foam roller to loosen tight muscles, slowly maneuver the roller gently over tender areas of your body such as […]

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Walking for a Mito Cure

walking perth

On the 16th August 2015 at 7am, team WOW (Cass, Gabby & Kelli) joined 650 other walkers in The Bloody Long Walk, 35km from Perth to Cottesloe. In doing so, they helped raise much-needed awareness and funds (over $1,100) for Mitochondria disease. ‘Mito’ is a chronic illness, robbing the body’s cells of energy. It causes […]

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