Pregnancy Pilates, Clinical Pilates – My Experience

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From my experience, I believe Clinical Pilates prior to, and throughout my pregnancy helped me to experience less pelvic, hip and lower back pain as well as increasing my upper body strength (handy when lifting a 15kg toddler), energy levels, less weight-gain, better pelvic floor and an improved posture. I felt it was easy to commit to Clinical Pilates as I felt energised and stronger after each session – as opposed to other types of exercise where I would often feel tired and sore. I also had a much better labour and delivery.

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One last Pilates session and the big day

Pilates Nedlands

This is the 7th blog in the Clinical Pilates 4-week challenge. 1/9/15, by Jess Davies Let me start with my final session with Jeremy before the big race. I was fortunate enough to have him all to myself for my pilates class, however I soon discovered that having Jeremy’s undivided attention is a little dangerous. […]

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Clinical Pilates – a work out for the body and the mind

Clinical Pilates Nedlands

This is the 5th blog in the Clinical Pilates 4-week challenge. 19/8/15, by Jess Davies When Jeremy suggested we have an ‘easy and relaxing’ Clinical Pilates session, my body was very pleased. However, I gathered from the cheeky smirk on his face that Jeremy wasn’t going to let me lie around for an hour! There […]

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The Pilates Challenge continues…

Clinical Pilates nedlands

This is the 4th blog in the Clinical Pilates 4-week challenge. 17/8/15, by Jess Davies For my second group Clinical Pilates class, Jeremy focused on strengthening and moving my upper body. While I didn’t necessarily get to forget my butt muscles for the hour-long session, my arms and shoulders were definitely the bits receiving the […]

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Accepting the truth – I think my body hates me

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12/8/15, by Jess Davies The more time I spend with Jeremy at Wisdom Physiotherapy, the more I realise how little I have looked after my body over the past few years. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to stop and rest – I don’t believe in colds, I never get massages and […]

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