My Clinical Pilates Challange – Initial Consult

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I have never understood pilates, although I have heard rumours that it is good for you. My opinion has always been that it is some sort of fashionable exercise that people who don’t like to get sweaty do while wearing the latest Lululemon apparel before meeting their friends for coffee.

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Promising Advances in Yoga Research for Arthritis sufferers

Yoga for Arthritis Perth

Regular yoga practice can improve muscle strength and endurance, joint position sense and balance and increase mobility and flexibility. It has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety as well as promoting general well-being. Recent studies into the benefits of yoga for arthritis sufferers are showing positive correlations between properly instructed gentle yoga exercise and improvements in physical and mental health and the ability to manage pain.

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Physio keeping rowers injury-free in the air

Physiotherapy Nedlands perth

Good work Kellie Wilkie! Physiotherapy is helping to keep our Aussie Rowers backs in shape to perform their best at the Rio Olympics. But it’s not only elite athletes who suffer from lower back problems on/after long haul flights. If you are travelling overseas for the holidays, perhaps check in with Wisdom Physiotherapy before you […]

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Yoga: reduces stress and increases physical wellbeing

Yoga Classes Nedlands

Today is the International Day of Yoga! Incorporating Yoga into your life is a great way to help manage low-back pain, high blood pressure and depression. Research also shows the benefits of Yoga include reduced levels of stress and anxiety – improving your overall mental and physical wellbeing. If you would like to incorporate Yoga into your […]

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Wisdom Physio Nedlands is Open!

Physio Nedlands au

Last night we celebrated the opening of Wisdom Physiotherapy with clients, friends, family and local businesses. We are thrilled to be able to contribute to the health and wellness of the local community and appreciate your ongoing support. Since opening we have introduced Clinical Pilates private and group classes (over 10 class options every week) as well as Applied […]

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