Beach Running – The Good & The Bad

beach running physio

Not only does the beach offer a change in scenery, relaxation, and a potential source of motivation for training, it also offers a change in the surface that is lower in impact and ground reaction forces.

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Tips for Tennis Elbow

tennis elbow

If you suffer from tennis elbow here are some helpful tips for trying to aid recovery and prevent a recurrence.

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Torticollis – What is it and how can physio help?

Torticollis physio for baby

Torticollis is caused by shortening and tightening of the rope-like muscle (sternocleidomastoid) that attaches from the back of the ear to the collar bone on one side of the neck.
It may cause your baby to hold their head to one side or have difficulty turning their head

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Help, I have a prolapse!!

prolapse physio, womens health physio nedlands perth

The word PROLAPSE causes many women a lot of anxiety and stress. The information below will show you there is help out there and here at Wisdom Physiotherapy, we can significantly help you on your journey to reduce your symptoms of prolapse.

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